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Hey what´s up?

I am Jon Garcia, a 23 year old spanish guy who recently finished his studies in Business. During my career I coursed I year of eramus which took place there in Innsbruck, at the Sowi actually. That is when I fell in love with the city. I love snowboarding and there, I also started with the downhill. I also love sports like swimming (I compete since I was 8) or football.

The reason I am explaining this to you is because now that I have finished my bachellor studies, I am looking for a place to work in which I could improve my German skills. It is important to mention that during my erasmus I obtained the A1 level and now I am studying in order to be able to obtain the B1 by the next year.

That is why having the chance to join a team like yours could be such a dream for me. As I told you, my main objective is to improve my German at the same time I feel I am doing a good work. That is why the salary is not an issue to take into account for me. How could I help? As I previously mentioned, I took business studies mainly focussed on sells and international trade. However I could develod such a wide range of duties including manual tasks, administrative ones or also related with the TI part of the firm. I also have experience with bikes in mechanical terms.

I am actually living in Spain, however if I were asked to, I could be in Innsbruck in 2 or 3 days. You can contact me by email ( or phone (0034 669802918)

Thank you so much for you attention and I hope you consider my offer.
Sincerelly yours,

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